Hospital Curtains

Premium Disposable Curtains for Medical Settings

Disposable hospital curtains and cubicle curtains help to maintain a safe environment and keep hospital areas hygenically clean. cubicle curtains can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Doctors, nurses, patients and the public are continuously in contact with hospital curtains. We stock a wide range of disposable and printed cubicle curtains perfect for any hospital solution.


Curtain Types

Standard polypropylene designed cubical curtains that are suspended from ceiling rails and long drop curtains designed to hang from fixed rails. There are many benefits of these disposable curtains and they are often used in areas where there is a high patient turnover.


  • Excellent Antibacterial, sterilization functions
  • Excellent resistance or tolerance to bacteria and virus
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Lightweight material and easy to Install
  • Economical, low-cost, hygienic solution
  • No Washing required and 100% recyclab.e