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Premier medical products provided for all healthcare facilities and professionals.

Supplying premium products to healthcare workers across all divisions. For over 20 years we have been providing a wide range of quality products for hospitals and general practitioners across Ireland. From surgical drapes to help with infection prevention to sanitation to lab coats, we work with top quality manufacturers to ensure standards of delivery are maintained with every facility that uses our products.

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Surgical Gowns

Surgeons rely on quality surgical gowns to help prevent infection and reduce the risk of mobilising bacteria and protect healthcare settings.


Isolation Gowns

Isolation gowns with cuffs are used in surgery, theatres and hospital settings that require extra layers of protection and infection prevention.


Surgical Packs

Medfirst supply a wide range of surgical packs for an array of operations. Cardiovascular Packs, C-section packs, Craniotomy packs, By-pass packs and birthing packs are available.

KN95 Facemasks

Medfirst have a broad range of disposable facemasks and face visors for healthcare settings. We work with our partners to ensure you get the equipment you need.


Sanitation Products

We stock a wide range of high quality sanitation supplies to help keep work places clean and ensure hygiene is maintained throughout healthcare facilities.

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Bespoke Products

We work with our product design team to bring you the latest suite of medical products and address all of your needs within various healthcare settings.

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Taking care of healthcare product needs is our main priority. We work with teams of healthcare providers across Ireland to ensure that you have the products you need when you need them.

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