Dovideq Guide Control

Introducing Dovideq

A leading developer of medical systems for the most accurate results.

Dovideq Medial Systems revolutionize the way hospitals across the globe approach tooling testing. The measuring instruments are used globally in minimal invasive surgery with a wide range of products focused on catering for Central Sterilization and biomedical engineering Departments, as well as Operating Theatre Managers in professional hospitals. By providing comprehensive insights into endoscope usage and quality, the products help to enhance efficiency, predictability, and traceability through vital process automation, including repairs.

Dovideq is committed to improving patient safety and reducing healthcare costs by offering compliant, automated procedures and invaluable data insights.

Scope Control

Elevate Surgical Excellence, Amplify Patient Safety, and Revolutionize Quality Control.

ScopeControl is the cutting-edge test and measurement marvel designed to validate the impeccable quality of rigid endoscopes, ensuring unrivaled quality assurance. Through its automation, ScopeControl meticulously assesses and certifies the endoscope’s caliber, empowering seamless quality management within the surgical theater. With heightened precision and absolute control, surgeons are granted an impeccable view, optimizing their expertise for flawless procedures. Most importantly, ScopeControl safeguards patient safety, augmenting the highest standards of care.

Guide control


Discover GuideControl, the game-changing intelligent light guide cable tester. Say goodbye to the frustrations caused by broken and malfunctioning cables that not only wreak havoc on the cable itself but also take a toll on your rigid endoscope, shortening their lifespans considerably.

GuideControl is a cutting-edge solution meticulously crafted for the Central Sterilization Department, offering an unparalleled level of quality assurance. This intelligent tester objectively verifies the performance and reliability of your light guide cables, ensuring they meet the highest standards.


Why GuideControl?

GuideControl takes convenience and compliance to the next level. With seamless integration with the endoscope management system, valuable test reports are automatically saved, ready for compliant reporting. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to effortless record-keeping.

Don’t let faulty cables compromise your equipment’s longevity. Embrace the power of GuideControl and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your light guide cables are in optimal condition. Elevate your testing process and safeguard your investments with this innovative solution today.


Checking Parameters

Unlock the power of precision testing with GuideControl, the ultimate solution for automated test and measurement. With three meticulously designed parameters, each dedicated to verifying a specific element, and providing you with comprehensive feedback on the quality and usability of your light guide cables.

Say goodbye to guesswork and inconsistency. This innovative technology ensures that every test is conducted under the exact same conditions and preset specifications, guaranteeing reliable and accurate results, time after time.

Light Transmission
Optimal lighting for surgery will prevent burned out lightsources. Adequate light is critical for every surgeon and every type of procedure. If the surgeon can’t see the surgical field clearly, then patient safety is at risk. But the wrong light can also be harmful to medical professionals.

Fibre Density
Adhere to failed parameters as stated in the IFU.

Color Correctness
Clean light gives your surgeons the best possible quality.

What’s Included:

Detailed test reports
Includes clear dashboards for managers: Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly overview of your test results

Light guide cable identification
Fully able to identify your cables. GuideControl facilitates any UDI and RFID. (DoviScan compatible

Clear pass or fail indication
GuideControl’s Magic Circle easily tells you whether the cable can be used or not.
It lights red or green.

Fully automated logistics and follow up
Test your registered light guide cables and automatically receive new cables when they are failed

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